Sitting in traditional chairs for long periods of time has been proven to have a negative impact on your health. However, a simple solution is to invest in a Salli saddle chair. There are a number of benefits that come with these pieces of equipment.

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It can help with maintaining healthy body weight

Did you know a saddle chair can increase your metabolism? When people sit slouched, the intestines are pushed down. When pressed between the hip and upper body, bowel movements are slowed and good digestion is compromised. With a saddle chair, you can't slouch and your metabolism may speed up as a result.

Furthermore, many studies have shown that sitting for a long time in a static position can lead to weight gain. Unlike traditional chairs, saddle chairs promote movement. It is easy to move around and engage your back and stomach muscles while going about your business.

It promotes body alignment

When you have your chair correctly adjusted, your body will be automatically aligned so you have naturally good posture. This means it is less likely you'll have aches and pains.

On top of that, the 135 degree angle between the thighs and upper body improves circulation to the hip and knee joints. There have been many international studies that prove this is the most healthy way to sit and dramatically reduces the risk of joint problems.

It increases blood circulation

On a traditional chair the muscles and legs are flattened, which can lead to bad blood circulation. A side effect of bad circulation in these areas is cellulite.

Alternatively, saddle chairs lead to good blood circulation and are good for the lymphatic system. This in turn leads to greater comfort and less tension in areas such as the lower back.

It reduces back pain

Better back health is a key benefit of saddle chairs. With your spine aligned and vertebrae placed correctly, disc problems and back pain is a thing of the past. It's not just your back that will be eased. Tension in your shoulders and neck area will also be relieved because of your better posture and spine position. This leads to greater dexterity and can make you better at the task at hand.

Saddle chairs also help to strengthen back muscles. This decreases back pain and makes using the chair easier and more comfortable. 

Pelvic floor muscles will be restored

Middle-aged women, particularly those who have had children, may find their pelvic floor muscles are not what they used to be. Sitting on a saddle chair could help. 

Studies have shown that pelvic muscles become stronger due to bending and using the lower back on a saddle chair. EMG measurements show that when you use one of these chairs and bend over your supporting leg, to get something from a low drawer, for instance, you are exercising your pelvic floor muscles.

Your body will be more oxygenated

Traditional sitting can increase stiffness in the chest bone, ribs and upper spine. Saddle chairs decrease this and increase oxygen intake. Along with the fact that your posture and alignment is improved, your chest, lungs and whole breathing mechanism will greatly improved so you can breathe deeper and easier. 

A positive side effect of this is your blood will be more oxygenated and you'll feel more alert and awake.

You'll be more aware of your body

When your sitting improves greatly, you will notice a difference almost instantly. While it may take some getting used to, you will become more and more aware of your body and muscle tensions. 

You'll become more aware of your body weight, alignment, circulation, posture and muscle engagement. It's likely this will lead to you wanting to improve your sitting environment and could even result in you making other beneficial lifestyle changes.

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    121 reviews
    Salli Pro
    Salli Pro is the real deal! Excellent choice worth every dollar

    I'm pretty blown away by this product and the customer service that Salli Australia has provided.

    I used to have sharp pain in my dominant shoulder and wrist and a persistent backache after hunching over in long editing sessions at the computer. I researched everything from ergonomic gamer chairs to kneeling chairs and finally arrived at the saddle chairs from Salli.

    I was a little hesitant to make the investment but made an appointment to test out the chairs anyway. David walked me through the different models and options and really patiently answered all my questions (which were A LOT). I ended up purchasing the Salli Pro with rollerblade rubber wheels for hardwood floors on the spot. (I'm 161cm and 50kg and could have gone for the Salli Pro Small, but felt the Pro was a bit more comfortable.)

    As advised, I eased into using the chair at home, and it took just a couple of days to get used to it. I just want to say there’s no turning back to regular chairs for me now. I have NO PAIN in my shoulders and find myself wanting to sit on it all the time. I highly recommend this chair to anyone who is chair-bound for most of the day. Thank you, David and the Salli Australia team!

    Prompt and efficient service thank you

    Salli Pro
    Useful for my spinal injury

    I have very specific spinal requirements due to an injury. The Salli Pro gives me the granular adjustments I need.

    Change the way you sit

    The saddle chair has me sitting upright again. You sit on your sitting bones and your spine is naturally straight. Now it does take some getting used to, so two of us share it and swap each hour or so to begin with but I can sit on it for half a day within the first few weeks. The chairs are incredibly well made and robust.

    Salli Pro
    brilliant customer service!

    Accidentally ordered the wrong chair and customer service was so helpful with helping fix my mix up! Great chair, love it

    You are welcome Lucy. Glad you are loving your Salli.