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The Salli aim is to provide genuine, healthy sitting solutions based on the latest ergonomic principles which provide a neutral sitting position - placing the least amount of stress possible on your body.

The first Salli Saddle Chair was introduced at the Geneva Invention Expo in the autumn of 1990. Since then, there have been hundreds of thousands worldwide - the concept is well proven.

Salli Systems have been the leading developer in sitting health and avoidance of sitting disorders (SD). Innovative work and effective development have taken Salli a long way towards understanding how to attain good sitting health.

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Salli is the most adjustable, comfortable, and healthiest saddle chair sitting solution available today. Sitting on a proper ergonomic chair can change your life!

How Salli can help you!

Some of the Salli Health Benefits

Healthier Posture

Saddle sitting is proven to improve your posture without requiring lumbar supports to artificially achieve good spine shape

Knee & Hip Joints

On a saddle chair the knees and hips are at a 135 degree angle, decreasing pressure on the cartilages.

Pelvic Health

Pelvic floor muscles are activated by sitting on a saddle chair

Improved Circulation

Sitting on a two-part saddle chair, and especially on an active seat, can help circulation and metabolism.

Female Genital Health

Traditional sitting in traditional chairs creates a major genital health threat for women due to pressure.

Male Genital Health

A divided saddle eases pressure on the genitals and preserves a safe angle between the thighs and the upper body.

Why Salli?

The Salli Concept is a profound sitting welfare program based on science and medicine. It consists of all the parts of sitting physiology that are needed to gain stable health in sedentary jobs.

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