Salli Sway Saddle Chair
Salli Sway Saddle Seat Chair
Salli Sway Saddle Chair

Salli Sway Saddle Chair

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This saddle chair has active sitting, height adjustment and the patented gap for pressure reduction and healthy sitting.

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Salli Swayfit Saddle Seat

Love our Salli chairs

Staff are sitting up straighter which is great for their backs.

Excellent! The staff are lucky to have such great employers who care about their wellbeing :)
Love my Salli Sway Saddle Chair

After years of sitting hunched over a computer I developed terrible posture and a sore neck and back. After switching over to this saddle chair my back pain has gone and I’m sitting and standing up straight!
It takes a few weeks of adjust to the new seating position but once you do it is well worth it. I couldn’t go back to a regular chair again.
David is extremely helpful - absolute please to deal with.

Fantastic to hear! You are spot on - once you get used to it there is no turning back!
Salli Swayfit Saddle Seat

I have a young employee who was wanting to earn a living and live a life. However due to waiting for major back surgery was unable to sit to work.
It appeared that her choices were limited, then I brought her this chair. Thanks for enabling me to keep a team member happy and for giving her a life!

Thanks for the great review Cliff. We know that our chairs can make a profound difference to people lives, but we never get sick of hearing stories like this - fantastic!
No regrets

Have been using my stool for about a month now and am loving it. Took a bit of getting used to but now its so comfortable and I am definitely feeling the difference when it comes to a normal chair and my Salli stool - no more back pain. I wont be going back to a standard office chair.

Great to hear Catherine! Thanks for the fantastic review.