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The Salli Light has all the good qualities of a two-part saddle seat with basic height adjustment (optional sway or tilt mechanism available).

The Salli Light is designed for shorter sitting durations. If you have a sit-stand desk and mostly stand then this model will help you take a load off your feet and help you maintain that neutral, standing posture. If you will be sitting for long durations we recommend the Salli Pro model.

The chair is light and provides great ergonomics at an affordable price - upright sitting position providing good posture, and gap for pressure reduction and ventilation.

  • Single black polyurethane piece with a groove in the middle
  • Available with fixed or tilt mechanism
  • Black medium gas spring and plastic base
  • Maximum load 100 kg
  • Finnish design

Maximum load 100 kg

Salli Light specifications

  • Warranty is 2 years.
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    Salli is perfect in the office

    With regular ergonomic chairs you don't sit with a neutral pain relieving posture. With Salli you do - and you don't need a backrest! (just like when standing ;)