Salli Pro - Pre Order
Salli Pro - Pre Order
Salli Pro - Pre Order
Perfect ergonomic sitting

Salli Pro - Pre Order

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The Salli Pro is the latest evolution of the hugely popular Swayfit and Triplefit models. Perfect for dental, medical, office, home office - anywhere you sit! With a redesigned sway mechanism and width adjustment this raises the bar yet again in truly ergonomic seating design.

Which mechanism is best for me?
The sway active sitting mechanism enables the seat to be tilted into every direction without a separate adjustment lever. Thus you can exercise while sitting, which adds to the mobility and metabolism of the lower back, and activates the whole body.

The tilt mechanism allows you to adjust the working position to your optimum. By tilting the seat forward, it is possible to reach forward without having to round the back. This mechanism is preferred by many dentists as it provides a more stable

  • Height adjustment
  • Width adjustment
  • Active sitting mechanism for back health and core activation
  • High quality 3mm steel construction, built to last a lifetime.

The height dimensions in the image are for standard castors, add 3cm when inline castors are used.

Salli Pro Dimensions
Why use a Salli Saddle chair?

It has been scientifically proven that sitting with an open hip angle of 125-135 degrees greatly reduces musculoskeletal stresses and helps you achieve and maintain a neutral sitting posture with balanced sitting position.

Why is this important?

Well, it is these stresses which cause much of the pain you will get from sitting in a regular office or task chair. You (or someone you know) will have some minor or acute back pain from sitting - even when they have followed all the standard ergonomic sitting and desk setup diagrams which you have all seen many times.

These diagrams are common, outdated practices but not BEST practice. If they worked in reality then nobody would have sitting related disorders.

Remember, pain management in the form of drugs and physical therapy is big business! Prevention is better (and usually cheaper) than the cure.

Salli saddle saddle chairs also have additional health benefits courtesy of the patented, pressure reducing split design.

This model qualifies for our Lifetime Structural Guarantee. Click here for more details.

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Salli is perfect in the office

With regular ergonomic chairs you don't sit with a neutral pain relieving posture. With Salli you do - and you don't need a backrest! (just like when standing ;)