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Why Saddle Chair Height Matters
In the world where office ergonomics play a pivotal role in health and productivity, saddle chairs have trotted into the spotlight, establishing themselves as an essential piece in any ergonomic workstation. Their unique design not only turns heads but also encourages better posture and engagement of your core muscles.
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Saddle chair benefits
In an era where we spend more time at our desks than in our beds, the importance of ergonomic furniture cannot be overstated. Enter the saddle chair – an unconventional, yet increasingly popular, office seating solution that promises a host of health benefits over traditional office chairs. If you've never considered the impact that your chair has on your well-being, this comprehensive look into the world of saddle chairs will have you rethinking your office setup.
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Good vs bad posture
In an age where we spend the better part of our days sitting, how we sit can significantly impact our health and wellbeing. The science of ergonomics has long been championed as a way to harmonise our lifestyle with our anatomical and physiological needs. This post dives into the modern ergonomic marvel - the saddle chair - and how it's revolutionising posture and comfort, one sit at a time.
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