Buying Guide

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We quite often get asked "Hi Salli people, love your concept and really want one, but I'm just not really sure which one is right for me. Can you help?"

Of course we can! You can always call us on 1300 048 112 or email us, or chat with us online -  but maybe this guide can answer most of your questions.


If you want the short answer, we recommend models with active sitting: The Salli Pro with adjustable width is our pick of the bunch. 

When customers visit and try out the various models they almost always end up walking out with at least one Salli Pro. So if you are unsure, and are unable to see one in the flesh before buying, you can feel confident this model will suit you.

Otherwise - read on.

Salli Light

The Salli Light is a great option if you are not sitting for extended periods of time.

As it is a moulded polyurethane seat it doesn't have the same padding as the other models, but in terms of ergonomics it still has the same features - including a pressure reducing gap.

If looking from a purely ergonomic and health point of view the Salli Light will outperform many competitors that are up to triple the price, but if you sit a lot we recommend other models.

Perfect for:

  • students and kids (weight rating is 100kg)
  • if you predominantly stand at your desk and want to take breaks by sitting
  • hairdressers
  • if you are looking for Salli ergonomics at a more budget price 

Salli Pro (our #1 pick)

The Salli Pro is the latest and greatest from Salli. Essentially an update on the hugely popular Swayfit, the Salli Pro takes all the best features of the Swayfit (adjustable width, active sitting, pressure reducing gap) and makes them simpler to use.

Width and swing tension adjustment can now be made with the turn of a knob.

If you are looking for a larger colour range and the option of the foot massage base then check out the Swingfit and Multiadjuster models. These are essentially the same as the Salli Pro, but are a custom order.

Perfect for:

  • general dentistry (we recommend the tilt mechanism for this)
  • office and home office
  • physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths etc
  • if you are looking for more comfort while sitting longer
  • anyone! This is the one we would most recommend.

Salli Swingfit Small and Multiadjuster Small

These 2 models have all the same features as their regular size siblings, except the seat is smaller and narrower (6cm).

The Salli Swingfit Small has active sitting while the Salli Multiadjuster Small  has a more traditional tilt mechanism which allows you to set the inclination.

While the regular size will work for just about everyone, if you have a particularly narrow pelvis, or simply want a smaller seat size, these can be a great option.

Perfect for:

  • general dentistry (we recommend the Multiadjuster model for this)
  • office and home office
  • physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths etc
  • if you are looking for more comfort while sitting longer

Salli Surgeon

The Salli Surgeon is based on the Salli Multiadjuster and Salli Pro. It has the same seat with width adjustment, but due to the design has an adjustable inclination, active sitting is not available.

The main difference is obvious with a back cushion and rotating arm supports as well as foot height control.

Perfect for:

  • dentists who use a microscope
  • surgeons
  • sonographers/ultrasound
  • anyone who requires more hand stability while performing detailed tasks

Some more in-depth analysis of the features.

Do I need a backrest?

Ok, let's get this common question out of the way .........

Short answer? No.

Long answer? No you don't.

Here's the thing right. When using a saddle chair correctly (sitting at correct height with appropriate height work surface, desk, dental chair etc), you are sitting with a balanced posture. Do you need a backrest when you are standing up? No - same deal with saddle sitting.

But I still think I need a backrest because .....

Ok, we recommend you save your money - but if you really, really want one you can find it here. Don't say we didn't tell you ;)

(ps - our sales of those with backrests are less than 1%)

The seat mechanisms

There are 2 main seat mechanisms available. There is a tilt/inclination mechanism as found on many regular chairs, but Salli also has a  unique active sitting feature ...In this video you can see how the sway mechanism on the chair allows it to encourage movement in all directions, and how to adjust the tension.

This active sitting feature is found on the Pro and is excellent for your back health - a highly recommended option.

Movement is key to back health and is why we strongly recommend this option, as do our existing customers. Life changing results have been achieved and it is included on around 95% of chairs sold.

We can't recommend the sway/active sitting mechanism enough!

Gas Springs (and why we ask your height)

The colour of the gas spring makes no difference - it's all about the length! The most important part of saddle sitting is using the chair correctly. Correct use greatly affects how much benefit you actually get. The gas spring length is vital to achieving this.

Salli gas spring

When you order your Salli we ask your height so we can supply the correct length gas spring for you. Too short and you will not be able to achieve the correct thigh angle, too long and, well, your feet won't reach the floor!

When we have your height, seat type and castor selection we can make an excellent calculated guess at which spring is right for you. We don't always get it right, but we rarely get it wrong (and we will make it right if we do).


There are 2 main types of castors, both are excellent.

The standard castors are great all rounders (pardon the pun), but the inline castors are very smooth and quiet, and are great on hard floors such as timber, lino, vinyl and tiles.

These are very popular with our dental customers.

Ok, so we hope that helps you!

In summary, any of the chairs will be great for your posture, but those with active sitting will aid back health even more. Adjustable width is very popular due to the added customisation for each user.

If you still have questions or have any specific requirements including accessories - please contact us! We are very happy to speak with you.