Salli Saddle Chair Reviews

On this page you can see the Salli Saddle chair (and accessories) reviews we have received via our website - they are not all the feedback we get. Rest assured these are genuine, and we are sure we can help you "sit happy" as well.
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A long awaited solution

I have tried various other options over time but the Salli Swayfit Saddle Seat has provided me with an active, ergonomic and comfortable solution to the hours I spend at my desk. After initial adjustment period my body has adapted and embraced my new way of working, alternating between sitting on Salli and standing. Thankyou for a beautifully crafted and clever solution

Thanks so much for the great review! It sounds like you are using Salli perfectly and in return it is treating you well :)

Love my salli saddle chair so comfortable 🥰


Salli Light

Awesome stool

It is the best stool I have ever used. It’s perfect for my studio and I can adjust it to all my easels and work stations . Totally 100% happy with it ! Thank you so much Salli 😃

Thanks so much for the great review, that is awesome to hear!

The Salli chair is helping me to get a good posture and it is so easy. Moreover Salli service is one of the best ever seen.
Keep up the good work !

Thanks Chengcheng - you are welcome :)
Salli Triplefit Saddle Seat

I can't say enough good things about both the product and my interactions with the company. I checked the seat out on line a few times before ordering. All of my queries were answered immediately. We had a discussion on chat abut the hight of my desk, how much time I spend sitting, compared to standing at the desk, and I scrambled around with a tape measure during the chat. As a result, I now have the perfect seat for my desk. I couldn't wait for it to arrive, and I couldn't be happier with the end product. My sitting bones are delighted. Thanks Salli.

Awww thanks Maria! It is important to get things right for the best results, and with a built in desk it can be a bit trickier - so we are happy to take the time to make sure we get the best results.
Caster wheels

Thanks for your quick service.

Sally replacement seat cover

Great quality, perfect replacement choice for worn original vinyl seat, very comfortable too

Salli Sway Saddle Chair

Saddle chair

V comfy, reminds me of my horse riding days!

Replacement seat covers

Fitted the new leather covers right over the worn out vinyl covers, my stool looks and feels brand new! Hassle free ordering and prompt delivery!

Excellent! We aim to make things easy for our customers.
Love our Salli chairs

Staff are sitting up straighter which is great for their backs.

Excellent! The staff are lucky to have such great employers who care about their wellbeing :)
Love my Salli Sway Saddle Chair

After years of sitting hunched over a computer I developed terrible posture and a sore neck and back. After switching over to this saddle chair my back pain has gone and I’m sitting and standing up straight!
It takes a few weeks of adjust to the new seating position but once you do it is well worth it. I couldn’t go back to a regular chair again.
David is extremely helpful - absolute please to deal with.

Fantastic to hear! You are spot on - once you get used to it there is no turning back!
Salli Swayfit Saddle Seat

I have a young employee who was wanting to earn a living and live a life. However due to waiting for major back surgery was unable to sit to work.
It appeared that her choices were limited, then I brought her this chair. Thanks for enabling me to keep a team member happy and for giving her a life!

Thanks for the great review Cliff. We know that our chairs can make a profound difference to people lives, but we never get sick of hearing stories like this - fantastic!
No regrets

Have been using my stool for about a month now and am loving it. Took a bit of getting used to but now its so comfortable and I am definitely feeling the difference when it comes to a normal chair and my Salli stool - no more back pain. I wont be going back to a standard office chair.

Great to hear Catherine! Thanks for the fantastic review.

Transformed my chair

Salli Swayfit Saddle Seat

I have found the Salli saddle seat to be a comfortable alternative to standard chair/ stool seating, more importantly aptly serving the particular medical purpose it was purchased for ie. gluteal tendonitis & bursitis. I am also enjoying the versatility of use in different situations. Thank you, Carol M.

Fantastic! Some people are skeptical that the Salli can help them when all else fails, so we are really happy to hear it is helping with your health issues. It will only get better - keep sitting happy!
Very Happy

Very happy. Came with clear instructions for use and have had no problems/pain while getting used to it.

Great to hear Mishari, thanks for the great review.
Salli Replacement Seat Covers Set of 2 Black Ultraleather type

Seemed to reduce the amount of vinyl peeling off onto the floor on an aged salli seat. With a strong EURO AUD exchange rates a very valuable way to maintain your salli chair without having to get a new one.

Love it

Love my new Salli Chair. Got used to to very quickly. No complaints about service, delivery or quality.
Only sad thing is no distributor in Tas where I could have tried one first (not that it really mattered) but something to perhaps look into in the future.

Thanks for the great review Helen, glad you are loving it! With regards to a Tassie dealer we would love to have one, but it is actually difficult to find the right people to properly support the product. As it is important that saddle chairs are sized correctly for the user and explained properly, we don't want just anyone selling them as incorrect information can lead to poor results. If you know a suitable potential dealer down there let us know!

Exactly what I’ve been looking for, great if you want to stop destroying your back, neck and hips. Product quality seems good, completely satisfied.

Thanks for the review Thomas, we knew you were going to love it :) Keep sitting happy!

Salli Swayfit Saddle Seat

Salli Review - Trader

As a private trader I spend a lot of time seated in front of a computer. Over 23 years of trading I’ve tried all sorts of ergonomic chairs and endured severe bouts of lower back problems, some of which have required hospitalization.

Since using a Salli Swayfit I’m over the moon… my lower back pain has markedly reduced. Based on my experience I have no qualms recommending a Salli chair to anyone who spends a lot of time in an office chair.

Peter King Trader Australia 16/02/19

Thanks for the incredible review! So many 'ergonomic' chairs out there that are anything but ergonomic - only very adjustable - big difference! We think the use of the word ergonomic should be regulated ;)
No more neck pain

I have always hated working at a desk but this changes everything. No more neck pain, fatigue, and tight hips. My saddle seat keeps me focused and alert and supports me in a perfect posture. Totally worth it!

Fantastic, that's what we like to hear! Sometimes people don't believe Salli can make such a difference, but again, you are proof it does - thanks for the review!
Great chair for improved posture

I'm a dental therapist, since using my Salli chair my posture has improved and back pain has all but resolved. I can't go back to a normal chair again. Postage was very fast. Assembly was super easy - no need for any tools.

Awesome! It will get better and better.