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So what is this Salli thing and how can it help me?

A not so new way of "ergonomic" thinking.

While they are quite recent to Australia, Salli have been researching sitting disorders and manufacturing high quality saddle chairs in Finland since 1990. This is no gimmick - with hundred of thousands of chairs sold around the world.

Why do we say "ergonomic" rather than just ergonomic?

Well, to be frank, the word ergonomic is overused and abused in attempts to make a regular chair seem better for you than it actually is - and to charge a premium price.

The fact is that many of these so-called ergonomic office chairs will not help your back at all. How do we know this? Because just about everybody who buys a Salli had one of these ergonomic chairs.

But I have a sit stand desk so I don't need a Salli.....

Hey, we agree! Sit stand desks are great!

Looking at the image, the user is standing in a very relaxed position, the desktop is just below the elbows, the top of the monitor is at eye level. Her posture is great! This desk has a pocket cutout so she can support her elbows without reaching forward which can put extra strain on the shoulders.

The problem with these desks is that their effectiveness is not fully utilised - nobody wants to stand up all day!

Many users only stand for maybe 20% of the day, and some not even at all!

So assuming you are standing correctly that leaves 80% of your time with bad posture. If sitting is the new smoking then you have only cut back a bit, not quit altogether :)

Sitting is not the reason many people end up with back problems - sitting BADLY is.

So - how can we make good use of this 80% of sitting time? See below......

Supercharging the performance of your sit stand desk.

Ok, so now in this next image we have the same user, and the same desk. The only difference is that she is now sitting a on Salli saddle chair.
  • posture is excellent
  • head is upright
  • elbow position is perfect
  • position is nicely balanced with feet on the ground
So what is the difference with standing?

Unlike a regular office chair, with the Salli Saddle Chair, your body weight rests on the sitting bones. The lower back can therefore form a natural curve. The riding-like sitting position lets your back enjoy good posture without unnecessary muscle tension. As the load on the spine eases, the muscles in the neck and shoulder area can relax. The lower body forms a golden triangle: you are sitting on your sitting bones with your legs obliquely forward.

You can now maintain the healthy standing posture while sitting, making your sit stand table way more effective for your back health (after all, that is why you got it in the first place right?)

Maybe we can show the benefits better in a video!

So, are you interested in improving your posture and back health or taking your sit stand desk to the next level?

Below are some of our most popular Salli chairs. If you have any questions please call us on 1300 048 112, chat live, or visit our contact page.
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The Swayfit comes with all the great features Salli has to offer - including active sitting adjustable width for extra comfort.
The Sway is very similar to the Swayfit but it is a fixed width model.
Prefer a fixed tilt? This model has adjustable inclination and fixed width seat.
Our entry level model. Provides excellent postural benefits with height adjustment. Not recommendedif you sit for long periods of time.
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18 reviews
Excellent service

David was very helpful throughout the whole process

Great investment

The idea of being able to adjust the width of this saddle chair intrigued me and after some research I decided to try it. I found the chair was initially a little hard and my bottom would get sore, but after a few days of use I no longer noticed it. I have tried out a few different width settings now and I've found one suitable for me, being female and short. I feel it was a valuable purchase!

Thanks for the great review Julia. Sounds like after a short adjustment period (very normal) you are well on your way to happy healthy sitting! It keeps getting better too - enjoy!
Great Product

Very easy to install and now my Salli Saddle looks as good as new.

Thanks Ritesh, that's great to hear.
Excellent Chair

I purchased my Salli Swingfit 4 years after graduating dentistry as I was having some upper and lower back issues and could feel that my posture was poor at work. My only regret is not having purchased the chair sooner to prevent these issues from arising in the first place! It is a very comfortable chair and of high quality. Since purchasing the chair I have also fallen pregnant and I think working pregnant would have been even more uncomfortable if I did not have this chair and I have been able to work up until almost full term without any issues. I highly recommend the Salli products and I have also been impressed with the customer service and with how quickly my chair arrived. Thanks Salli Team and David!

Awww thanks for the review and kind words! We have heard from several pregnant ladies that it has really helped them due to the sitting position. Glad you found us - better late than never!
Salli Frankenbomber
Salli saved my career

I have a bad back fracture line l4 l5 cervical spondylitis . I had a lot of trouble as you would assume and looked at my options. Used the bambach chair ,a very well built chair but extremely heavy and cumbersome. I got a salli the very basic version in 2012 and have said goodbye to lower back troubles. This new on I just got has the new wheels i a treat to use. i will be ordering the new wheels for the older chair as well . Highly recommend to anyone working dentist technicians .

Fantastic to hear Gaurav! Thanks for the amazing review. When we tell people Salli can change your life it is stories like yours that confirm it - and makes us feel fantastic about what we do.