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    Salli Benefits - Animations

    These videos show the differences between Salli and traditional chairs, in regard of the below-mentioned topics.

    All animations together (2 min 36 s) | Good circulation in the female pelvic area | Hip joints | Dimished risk of prostate overgrowth and cancer | Knee joints | Relaxed shoulders | Position of the spine | Functional intestine | Brain circulation | Circulation in legs 

    All animations together

    Good circulation in the female pelvic area

    Hip joints

    Knee joints

    Diminished risk of prostate overgrowth and cancer

    Relaxed shoulders

    Position of the spine

    Functional intestine

    Brain circulation

    Circulation in legs

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    52 reviews
    Everything I hoped for!

    I am a remedial massage therapist and needed a chair that moved quietly over a hard floor without the normal clatter of plastic castors. I purchased my Salli chair with the optional inline castors which are whisper quiet and glide effortlessly. I also upgraded to a comfy red leather seat which makes the chair look fast even when it isn’t moving! Customer service was sensational. Excellent buying experience. Highly recommend Salli chairs.

    Thanks for the great review Gary - keep on rollin' !
    Great quality

    I love this chair, I’m a tattooist and was struggling with lower back pain really badly for years. I’ve been using this chair for a few months now and it’s amazing the difference it’s made to my posture, I don’t get any pain at all anymore. I cannot recommend it enough,

    Fantastic to hear! Thanks for the great review.
    Rollerblade/Inline style castors

    awesome, got product straight away and they are great to use, had no problems with them at all

    A long awaited solution

    I have tried various other options over time but the Salli Swayfit Saddle Seat has provided me with an active, ergonomic and comfortable solution to the hours I spend at my desk. After initial adjustment period my body has adapted and embraced my new way of working, alternating between sitting on Salli and standing. Thankyou for a beautifully crafted and clever solution

    Thanks so much for the great review! It sounds like you are using Salli perfectly and in return it is treating you well :)

    Love my salli saddle chair so comfortable 🥰