Salli Benefits - Animations

These videos show the differences between Salli and traditional chairs, in regard of the below-mentioned topics.

All animations together (2 min 36 s) | Good circulation in the female pelvic area | Hip joints | Dimished risk of prostate overgrowth and cancer | Knee joints | Relaxed shoulders | Position of the spine | Functional intestine | Brain circulation | Circulation in legs 

All animations together

Good circulation in the female pelvic area

Hip joints

Knee joints

Diminished risk of prostate overgrowth and cancer

Relaxed shoulders

Position of the spine

Functional intestine

Brain circulation

Circulation in legs

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    92 reviews
    The sore bits are the greatest!
    Great to hear Justine! Thanks for the review
    Salli Pro
    I couldn't use anything else now
    Awesome Murray! You definitely become more judgemental of other chairs and more aware of your sitting position after using Salli :)
    Great for working during and after pregnancy
    Great to hear Julie! Thanks for the review.
    Salli Light
    As good as a seat gets!
    Lachlan, we totally agree :) Thanks for the review!
    Salli Pro
    A challenge of comfort and sustainability
    Craig, thanks so much for the amazing review. We are SO glad it has worked for you. We knew it was going to be a challenge considering your injuries, but your persistence has paid off and now you are reaping the rewards. Keep sitting happy!