Salli Benefits - Animations

These videos show the differences between Salli and traditional chairs, in regard of the below-mentioned topics.

All animations together (2 min 36 s) | Good circulation in the female pelvic area | Hip joints | Dimished risk of prostate overgrowth and cancer | Knee joints | Relaxed shoulders | Position of the spine | Functional intestine | Brain circulation | Circulation in legs 

All animations together

Good circulation in the female pelvic area

Hip joints

Knee joints

Diminished risk of prostate overgrowth and cancer

Relaxed shoulders

Position of the spine

Functional intestine

Brain circulation

Circulation in legs

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    126 reviews
    Happy Salli customer

    The Salli chair is great with my new sit/stand Zen Desk which has 4 customisable height settings selectable at the press of a button. Does take time to get used to sitting up straight but all good now.

    Awesome , sounds like you have a great setup going there.

    Salli Light
    Always popular!

    We love our Salli seats! Our dental team put in a request for more and once again David and his team were ready to assist and make the purchase simple and stress free! Thank you!

    Inlineblade castors on office chair

    Fitted perfectly and are smooth and quiet. So good, my son has taken the chair.

    Best Desk Accessory Ever!

    I had been having issues with my elbow for a long time being sore from sitting at my desk and working for long periods of time. Since purchasing the Elbow Pad Armrest the pain has almost gone and completing my work has gotten alot easier. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

    Great to hear Samantha. They are a great accessory.

    Salli Pro (pre-order)