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    Salli Ultra


    Pre-order now - Limited numbers arriving late September.

    The Salli Ultra saddle chair has it all!

    It is ideal for professionals whose functions demand extreme precision, such as those who perform surgical or microscopic procedures. It offers bi-articulated arm supports that follow the surgeon's movements in the horizontal plane and whose heights can be individually adjusted.

    Perfect for surgeons, dental work with microscopes, sonography and any other task which requires extra stability.

    Check out the video to see all the adjustments available.


    These videos show all the adjustments that can be made and movement.

    Note, this model is slightly different so the way adjustment are made may be slightly different as well, but it gives a good overall explanation.

    • width adjustable seat with black PU upholstery
    • adjustable inclination
    • chrome gas spring and base
    • moulded polyurethane backrest
    • neoprene padded armrests
    • hand and foot height adjustment
    • 10 years on chair
    • 2 years on accessories (movable arms, backrest, foot height control)

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