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  • Salli Strong


    Extra strong chair that has a two-part seat with fixed seat width.

    Suitable for more heavy-duty use and larger individuals. Special strong design, maximum load 150 kg (normally 120 kg).

    • Two-part seat
    • Inclination adjustment
    • Leather or artificial leather
    • Hand controlled height adjustment with gas spring
    • Gas spring medium or long, metallic
    • Large base, Ø 600 mm
    • No accessories can be attached
    • Weight 13 kg
    • Warranty 10 years


    Salli String Specifications


    10 years

    Coral Leather
    Ferrari Leather
    Plum Leather
    Wine Leather
    Mandarin Leather
    Cognac Leather
    Saddle Leather
    Denim Blue Leather
    Grass Leather
    Pine Leather
    Light Grey Leather
    Stone Grey Leather
    Dark Grey Leather
    Black Leather
    Coconut Ultraleather Vinyl
    Ash Ultraleather Vinyl
    Hibiscus Ultraleather Vinyl
    Azurite Ultraleather Vinyl

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