For how long is safe to sit on a saddle chair?

Contrary to popular belief, the notion that one shouldn't spend more than a few hours a day sitting on a saddle chair does not apply to the two-part Salli Saddle Chairs. With these chairs, you can comfortably and safely sit all day long while enjoying the multitude of physiological benefits they offer.

The innovative design of the two-part saddle chair ensures that the sitting pressure is evenly distributed between the sitting bones and the feet. This not only promotes a better sitting posture but also provides a pressureless sitting experience, even during extended periods of sitting. The middle gap of the seat eliminates any discomfort, allowing you to maintain a good sitting position effortlessly.

However, the same cannot be said for one-part saddle chairs. These chairs tend to exert unwanted pressure on the genital area, causing discomfort and forcing users to lean backward to alleviate the pressure. Men, in particular, may find it challenging to maintain a proper posture due to the pubic bone pressing against the front of the chair. Even if a backrest is present, the sitting pressure is still focused on the genital area, leading to an incorrect sitting position and potential discomfort. Consequently, it is advised against sitting on one-part saddle chairs for extended periods.

In contrast, the two-part Salli seat ensures optimal weight distribution, with most of the upper body weight resting on the sitting bones. This positioning keeps the pelvis in a neutral and slightly forward-leaning position, mirroring the natural curve of the lower back. Remarkably, this alignment resembles the posture we maintain when standing. The seat's ergonomic design eliminates the need for a backrest, as minimal muscular effort is required to sustain the correct sitting posture. Additionally, the free circulation to the feet and reduced pressure on the vertebrae contribute to overall comfort and spinal health.

Furthermore, the two-part seat's design promotes a cooler sitting experience, resulting in reduced perspiration. Consequently, the lower temperature not only enhances comfort but also minimises the risk of genital infections, making the chair a healthier choice.

Even with the exceptional qualities of the two-part saddle chair, it is crucial to remember the importance of varying your sitting position and taking regular breaks. Engaging in movements such as reaching, bending, and standing throughout the day is highly beneficial. With Salli's active seats, you can even introduce subtle movements to your back while remaining seated.

Remember, choosing the right saddle chair and incorporating movement into your daily routine can greatly enhance your sitting experience and overall well-being.