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  • MOVI Sit-Stand Desk

    MOVI is a smart, automated-lift standing desk riser, designed and engineered in Melbourne.

    MOVI PRO Smart Desk features:

    • Quiet Electric motor raises and lowers
    • Memory save your standing height
    • Large workspace area is 115cm wide
    • 2 USB charging ports built-in
    • Elevates high enough for people 6ft 4"
    • Meets Australian WorkSafe guidelines
    • Australian Good Design award winner


    MOVI converts your existing desk into a standing desk in seconds. MOVI is designed to give you all the benefits of a full size standing desk, without any of the hassles or costs that come with replacing your existing desk.

    Simply place MOVI on top of your existing desk and the electronic lift system takes you from sitting to standing at the click of a button. So you don’t have to change a thing in your office. MOVI is the only standing desk converter in the world that offers a completely flat, sturdy, spacious work area and is electric.

    MOVI provides you with three unique features that make it stand out compared to other manually adjustable standing desk options.

    1) Electric Height Adjustment -Eliminates risk of manual handling injury when lifting. It’s effortless to sit and stand often at the touch of a button with our patented, high-speed electric lift system. 

    2) Spacious Flat Desktop -Gives you 4X more usable workspace area than others. The large workspace area let’s you work the way you want without any restrictions, like your existing desk. 

    3) Ergonomic Suitability -Gives you more adjustment and a taller height range. Find your perfect standing height with precise 1cm increments and memory save, suiting people as tall 6ft 4”. 


    Key features
    Max lifting load: 15kg, 2x USB charging ports for charging devices, Digital height input and LED screen, Built in sit-stand reminder, Auto-sleep power save mode

    Suits people from 5ft to 6ft 4"24 height settings at 1cm increments (½"), Memory save your standing height, Maximum elevation 44cm (17.5”) above your existing desk, Approximately 30 seconds to elevate to full height

    Bench Top Thickness: 3.9cm (1.5")Size (workspace): 115cm wide (45") x 70cm deep (27")Size (footprint): 106cm wide (42") x 54cm deep (21.25")Product weight: 15kgs (33lbs)Power supply: 110-240V AC power input 

    The MOVI Electric Smart Standing Desk Riser is backed by a comprehensive 5 year warranty and has been tested to last over 15,000 up/down movements fully loaded with the 15kg weight limit.

    Arrives fully assembled

    Set up in seconds

    Setting up your MOVI is EASY.
    1. Pop MOVI onto your desk
    2. Plug MOVI into power.
    3. Stand up and feel better!

    MOVI transforms your desk quickly with minimum effort and no furniture removal, installation and refit costs to worry about. Get setup with minimal disruption.

    Motorised height adjustment

    Electric sit-stand

    Sit and stand at the touch of a button. Simple. Our electric lift system means none of the lifting load is on you. So your back will thank you!

    MOVI uses a high speed electric motor to lift up to 20kgs, suitable for two monitors and more.

    Spacious Flat Desktop

    Work your way

    MOVI gives you 4X more usable space than just about every stand up desk riser out there, because it's flat.

    MOVI has a 115cm x 70cm workspace area so whether you’re drafting or working with a ring binder, we've got you covered with ample space.

    Control Strip

    Make your desk smarter

    The strip on your MOVI Standing Desk has a purpose. It encloses our compact, 18V high-speed electric motor that offers fast and safe lifting, sit-stand controls, USB ports and move reminder.

    MOVI’s motor is the choice of internationally recognised brands and is built to last, so you can enjoy peace of mind with a 5 year warranty.

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