Ship Tracker

This page shows and tracks the vessel which has our latest order coming from the factory, so if you are waiting (as we are!) for stock to arrive - this is where it is.

20/6/2024 11:00am

This information relates to all chair orders placed before June 3 2024.
Ship is now in port. Hopefully there is a quick offload.
We will update the ETA when we have one.
There will then be a delay of a few days as we wait for it to reach our warehouse and be able to dispatch orders. You will receive a tracking number when your order is on the way.
Thanks for your patience.

We will update here as we soon as we have further information.

NOTE: This system uses terrestrial AIS (not satellite), so if you notice that the tracking appears stalled this means the vessel is out of range. Once in range again the data will update.