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I work as a school secretary in three schools in Kokkola and I use a two-part Salli Saddle Chair. I’ve had scoliosis since my own early school days and it causes me back pain especially when I have to sit for a long time. Since starting using Salli, the pains have diminished notably! I believe this is the result from the fact that when sitting on my Salli my posture is automatically right and it is impossible to slouch, even during a long working day.

Jonna Mäkinen
Kokkola, Finland, 5.4.2011

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    Great for guitar and desk work
    Salli Light
    My customer finds Salli Light too Hard
    Thanks for the review Simon. This can certainly be the case for this model if sitting for extended periods. This is why we recommend other models for longer sitting durations.
    Saddle Up
    Awesome to hear Peter, thanks for the review. Once you adapt there is no going back (pardon the pun).
    Thanks for the review Ash, that's great to hear.
    Salli Swayfit
    Love my Salli Swayfit
    Thanks for the review Pete, that pretty much sums it up. It can take time to break old habits, but it is worth the effort.