Salli Review - Journalist

I've been working as a journalist and copywriter for 13 years now. Previously I hardly paid any attention to my posture because I had no problems with my back, I exercise a lot and consider myself to be in a good physical condition.

However, everything changed in 2012 when I was hit by a car while crossing a road. After having injuries, especially in my knees, the posture in which I work has become much more important.

On my Salli Saddle Chair I can sit in a relaxed, comfortable position with enough support, and my injured knee does not get tired like it did under the sitting pressure on a traditional chair. The circulation is better, and because I don't get physically tired, I can work longer hours and be more effective. Coming back to work after the accident was made so much easier because of the swinging Salli Saddle Chair and the electrically adjustable table. I can say that my quality of life has really improved! I can work in various positions during the day, and even work standing.

I admit that I was a bit skeptical about saddle chairs, and especially about the adjustable table, but after having tried the combination I cannot understand why I didn't acquire them earlier!

I can recommend Salli Saddle Chair and an electrically adjustable table from the bottom of my heart.

Riikka Hollo
Helsinki, Finland, 12.8.2013