Salli Review - Carpenter

Due to a serious prostate disease, it was not possible for me to participate in working life as a carpenter, since I had considerable pain when sitting. We sit a lot at our workplace.

Therefore, the German pension insurance granted me a Salli Saddle Chair (chair model: Salli Twin with a stretching support).

The two-part seat, the inclination adjustment and the stretching support help me a lot. After only 3–4 months since starting using the Salli Saddle Chair, I am pleased and very happy to be able to participate in working life again, and now without pain.

Northern Germany, 23.4.2014

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    The sore bits are the greatest!
    Great to hear Justine! Thanks for the review
    Salli Pro
    I couldn't use anything else now
    Awesome Murray! You definitely become more judgemental of other chairs and more aware of your sitting position after using Salli :)
    Great for working during and after pregnancy
    Great to hear Julie! Thanks for the review.
    Salli Light
    As good as a seat gets!
    Lachlan, we totally agree :) Thanks for the review!
    Salli Pro
    A challenge of comfort and sustainability
    Craig, thanks so much for the amazing review. We are SO glad it has worked for you. We knew it was going to be a challenge considering your injuries, but your persistence has paid off and now you are reaping the rewards. Keep sitting happy!