Problems when sitting on Salli?

Good saddle sitting

Sitting in a new way can take some adjustment - like doing a new exercise. For example, if you are not used to horse riding or bike riding and you go for too long in the beginning it is not a good idea. Once you adjust however, you can sit for long periods of time.

The most important thing is to listen to your body - patience is a virtue!

Here are some tips which may help you during this adjustment phase.

The chair feels too hard

Sit a little bit further back in the chair. If you sit too much in the front the chair presses your thighs and genital area uncomfortably. Also your sitting bones are not on the thickest part of the seat. Also you need to get used to having your weight on the sitting bones instead of the soft tissue where it disturbs the circulation, and that takes some time. When you ride a horse or a bike you might also feel you sit bones in the beginning.

It may also be that you are sitting too high. Then the whole weight of the upper body is on the sitting bones. Or your gas spring may be too long for you and you cannot place your feet firmly on the floor, and thus your feet don’t carry any of the weight.

The chair feels too wide

You are probably sitting too high. Adjust the chair a little lower and it will feel better. If the chair ends up in its lowest position and it still doesn’t feel right, you need to get a shorter gas spring.

If you have Salli Pro or Salli Pro Small, adjust the width of the gap. Release the adjustment handle at the front by pulling up, turn the knob to adjust to the desired width and push the lever down to lock again. If you have a tilt mechanism, change the inclination so that you lean a bit more forward. Refer to the included manual or see information about adjustments

Your back aches

Make sure that you are sitting high enough! If you sit too low it’s easy to place your feet in front of you, and in that position you will slouch because you are not in balance. Slouching will harm and hurt your back.

In the beginning it’s quite normal to get back aches/muscles soreness, because different muscles are working from what you are used to. It will pass, just give your body time to adapt to the new position. Also your inner thighs may feel tight and the area around your sitting bones sore, but these discomforts will also pass.

Your chair is not swinging

Make sure that you chair is Salli Sway or Salli Pro. Adjust the tension on the swing mechanism by tightening or loosening the knob under the seat.

Your chair is making a noise or swinging too much

If the seat of your Salli Sway or Salli Pro is too loose it will make a “click” sound at the extreme positions. Tighten the swing mechanism knob under the seat.

Your chair can't be adjusted up or down

Oil the gas spring once a year. If you do not adjust the height often, dust will get into the gas spring and it will dry out, which results in it not working properly.

If you have a Foot Height Control and the foot pedal is not working, turn the chair upside down. Tighten or loosen the screw, only 180 degrees before testing it. Usually only a very small adjustment is needed.

The width adjustment is stuck (pre 2020 models)

The width adjustment handle can get stuck if you tighten it too hard, or press the seat plates together while sitting on the chair. Hold the chair in front or you and make sure the handle is pointing to your right, and the front of the chair to your left. Then push the handle away from you. If it has stuck, you need to use more speed/force.