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Salli products are well-suited for demanding work environments. Chairs made of stainless steel, with anti-static upholstery or with polyurethane seats are available.

Different castors allow the chair to be used also on uneven surfaces, such as concrete floors. Salli products can withstand heavy use.

On Salli Saddle Chairs it is easy to move around, while the 135-degree angle of the knees, and between the thighs and upper body, guarantee good circulation. Because of the gap in the seat it is possible to maintain the good posture throughout the day; there is no uncomfortable pressure in the genital area.

When sitting on Salli you don’t need to think about the working position but can concentrate on the actual work – work becomes more efficient.

Elbow Rest is optimal for precision work and tasks that require support for arms. Elbow Rest is a valuable aid in installation and assembling work, and also in welding. It is also suitable for control rooms for giving support for elbows when watching monitors.

Almost all chair models are available in ESD. ESD is ideal for electronics industry, where the chair needs to conduct static electricity away from the user. ESD chairs discharge even the smallest electric build-ups. They is also useful in offices as they reduce the number of small electric shocks. 

Fire-Resistant Seat Cover is ideal for welders.

Industrial castors are bigger than the standard castors. They are made of solid rubber and very good on uneven surfaces.

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17 reviews
Great investment

The idea of being able to adjust the width of this saddle chair intrigued me and after some research I decided to try it. I found the chair was initially a little hard and my bottom would get sore, but after a few days of use I no longer noticed it. I have tried out a few different width settings now and I've found one suitable for me, being female and short. I feel it was a valuable purchase!

Thanks for the great review Julia. Sounds like after a short adjustment period (very normal) you are well on your way to happy healthy sitting! It keeps getting better too - enjoy!
Great Product

Very easy to install and now my Salli Saddle looks as good as new.

Thanks Ritesh, that's great to hear.
Excellent Chair

I purchased my Salli Swingfit 4 years after graduating dentistry as I was having some upper and lower back issues and could feel that my posture was poor at work. My only regret is not having purchased the chair sooner to prevent these issues from arising in the first place! It is a very comfortable chair and of high quality. Since purchasing the chair I have also fallen pregnant and I think working pregnant would have been even more uncomfortable if I did not have this chair and I have been able to work up until almost full term without any issues. I highly recommend the Salli products and I have also been impressed with the customer service and with how quickly my chair arrived. Thanks Salli Team and David!

Awww thanks for the review and kind words! We have heard from several pregnant ladies that it has really helped them due to the sitting position. Glad you found us - better late than never!
Salli Frankenbomber
Salli saved my career

I have a bad back fracture line l4 l5 cervical spondylitis . I had a lot of trouble as you would assume and looked at my options. Used the bambach chair ,a very well built chair but extremely heavy and cumbersome. I got a salli the very basic version in 2012 and have said goodbye to lower back troubles. This new on I just got has the new wheels i a treat to use. i will be ordering the new wheels for the older chair as well . Highly recommend to anyone working dentist technicians .

Fantastic to hear Gaurav! Thanks for the amazing review. When we tell people Salli can change your life it is stories like yours that confirm it - and makes us feel fantastic about what we do.

Salli Chin