Holiday hours and shipping times

Salli Australia will not be officially closing over the holiday period so we can continue to serve you while you have time to research all things ergonomic and ask us any questions you like.
While we might be a bit slower to respond we will still get back to you asap. You can call us on 1300 048 112 but email will probably be the best -
Of course you can always try our live chat if you see us online. If we don't answer make sure you leave your email address so we can reply (the conversation will continue over email and also be stored in the chat widget).
As far as deliveries go we are at the mercy of the courier gods. Many have a skeleton service after Christmas so pickups and deliveries can be slower. If you are needing something urgently please let us know and we can investigate options for you.
If you are lucky enough to be having a break over this period we wish you well and stay safe!
The Salli Australia Team