Future Office

The office of the future includes all the current know-how regarding employee wellbeing, productivity and energizing factors. In the future the smart ergonomics- and health-conscious super offices increase productivity 1.5-3 times higher than it is in the traditional office. The healthy lunch and daily supplements provided by the company cut out even more of the unnecessary sick leaves. The additional cost for the future super office is very little when compared to the huge increase in productivity and profitability of the employees.

The interior is updated with new colours and decoration whenever the occupant of the room changes

There will still be need for separate offices for those who are doing demanding jobs and require concentration. On the other hand, the "Nest-Office" -type solution, where a large space is separated into smaller 4–6 m² soundproof spaces that open to the centre of the room (glass doors), will become more common as it is space-efficient, but allows working in peace. In the middle of the shared space there needs to be an adjustable elliptical conference table and in the corners space for excercise, breaks and snack stations.

Desktop computers will continue to be used because the smaller portable devices do not offer high-quality display and keyboard ergonomics. In addition, the desktop computer with its personalized artificial intelligence applications includes speech recognition, provides exercise and break tips, has sensors to track the health markers of the body and reacts to them, adjusts the wellness technology of the room, and performs automatically, or with voice control, a large number of the traditional tasks of an assistant.

In addition to the automatic and optimized monitor and table height-adjustments for typing and reading, automatic stand-by detection is also included. Table/elbow pads and (3) monitors are therefore always at the right height for good back–neck posture and hand ergonomics.

Ways to encourage movement

A good posture is the basis for wellbeing, health and working efficiency and it can be ensured by sitting on a swinging saddle chair with a gap in the middle, and standing for short periods (10–30% of working time), but no more than 20 min at a time. This way the upper body "stands" the whole time and the middle gap of the chair eliminates the harmful effects on the genitals, pelvic floor and inner pelvis.

Excercise can be encouraged by giving the employees the right kind of clothing and training for healthy lifestyle, by the employer's support (e.g. providing bluetooth device, or allowing swimming or exercise time during work hours), computer-generated tips that are based on one’s metabolic condition, exercise equipment, and sometimes also by common exercises or organized classes. The different excersice methods have descriptive names, such as Sit & Swing, Roll & Reach, Walk & Talk, Work & Gym.

Stretching mats, hanging bars, powerboards, bean bags, gym balls, back stretching boards, and other equipment are available for immediate use, in the workspace or the common space, when the immobility begins to make one stiff and reduce brain activity.

Sitting-friendly and comfortable clothes

Employees use the company's support to always wear completely pressure-free and airy clothes. There will no longer be harmful pressure marks in the legs (from socks and shoes), buttocks, thighs, chest (underwear) or waist (belt, trouser collar). The disadvantages of tight garments are recognized and rejected because they damage one’s appearance (cellulite, varicose veins, swelling), are uncomfortable and unhealthy, and make one tired. Sustainable, healthy, chemical free, organic clothing of natural fiber is promoted.

Bacteria, plants, lights and sounds help

In the office there is a large (100–200 l) growing box for air-purifying and beautiful plants. It increases productivity and also produces earth bacteria that improves mood and intelligence functions.

Reflexological stimulation of the soles can be done by rubbing one’s feet against the massaging chair base, or by stepping in a gravel box on the floor. This allows the energy flow to rise rapidly.

The numerous lights in the workspace are automatically optimized for both power and colour, depending on the season and time of day.

Quiet, soothing, user-friendly or relaxing music is played automatically or by request. Everyone has a high-quality headset.

Workspaces are customized for each employee with carpets, curtains, large wall images or decorations, to be fun and energy-efficient, so everybody will immediately be in a good mood when entering the workspace.

In the workspace or in the vicinity there are fiber-rich snacks that include healthy fats (seeds, nuts, avocados, organic fruit, etc.) to prevent the decrease of blood sugar levels and hence the working efficiency.

Organic green tea and bulletproof coffee are available the whole day as an excellent source for health and refreshment.