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Bring balance to shoulders

Repeating one movement over and over again or static muscle tension are the worst enemies of your neck and shoulders. Muscles do not get enough oxygen and get tired and sore. The pain makes you to tense and tighten the muscles. After the ache has started the worst thing to do is to stay put and do nothing. 

When exercising neck and shoulder area it is important to remember that the key is not how hard you train, but the balance between surface and deep muscles. The secret is in stretching surface muscles and exercising and training deep muscles – that way you are able to train all the muscles that effect the position of the shoulder blade.

Make your blood circulate better on the neck and shoulder area

  • Swing your hands up and down
  • Exercise and warm up by making boxing moves
  • Roll your shoulders around (use a stick to help out)

Shoulder blade abductors

  • Place your hands against a wall and make push-ups, try to get as close to the wall as possible
  • Keep your shoulder area as stable as possible, round your upper back a little, do not let your shoulder blades move and touch each other
  • Push your hands straight when in up position and stretch one more centimetre away from the wall


Shoulder blade adductors

  • Attach a resisting rubber band to, for example, a door handle
  • Catch the ends of the band, hold your elbows in a 90 degree angle
  • Pull elbows back, keep your arms close to the body and move the shoulder blades closer to each other


The muscles that pull down the shoulder blade

  • Lay on the floor, face down
  • Place your right hand under your forehead and keep your left arm straight, next to your body
  • Lift your arm about 10 cm from the floor and move the arm in front of you, keep it off the floor
  • Bring your arm back to the side of your body and let it rest on the floor
  • Repeat exercise on both sides


Front muscles of the neck

  • Start by pressing your left collarbone with your right hand 
  • Bend your head a little backwards to your right
  • Intensify the stretching by turning your face away and lifting your view upwards to your left
  • Move your left hand gently behind your back, that makes the stretching more intense. Keep your mouth closed.
  • Repeat exercise on the other side

Side of the neck, elevator muscles of shoulder blades 

  • Lean your uppear arm against a wall, so that the elbow is pointing up
  • Bend your head towards the opposite armpit, and hold your chin down
  • Repeat exercise on the other side


  • Functional stretching using pectoralis minor muscle (which is often rather difficult to stretch)
  • Take your position as shown in the picture (on all fours)
  • Raise your hand to hold the Salli chair, keep the chair in front of you and make sure that the chair is adjusted high enough
  • Hold the weight on your arm and keep the head/neck and shoulder area relaxed. Stretching and opening up chest area muscles is intensified by actively tightening the muscles around the shoulder blades at the same time
  • Repeat exercise on the other side

 Trapetzius muscle

  • Sit on Salli in a good posture
  • Stretch to one side and catch the edge of the chair with your hand
  • Stretch away from that side
  • Tilt your head to maximize the stretching feeling and lean to the same side, you should feel the stretching feeling in your neck and shoulders
  • Keep the stretch long-lasting and gentle
  • Repeat exercise on the other side

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18 reviews
Excellent service

David was very helpful throughout the whole process

Great investment

The idea of being able to adjust the width of this saddle chair intrigued me and after some research I decided to try it. I found the chair was initially a little hard and my bottom would get sore, but after a few days of use I no longer noticed it. I have tried out a few different width settings now and I've found one suitable for me, being female and short. I feel it was a valuable purchase!

Thanks for the great review Julia. Sounds like after a short adjustment period (very normal) you are well on your way to happy healthy sitting! It keeps getting better too - enjoy!
Great Product

Very easy to install and now my Salli Saddle looks as good as new.

Thanks Ritesh, that's great to hear.
Excellent Chair

I purchased my Salli Swingfit 4 years after graduating dentistry as I was having some upper and lower back issues and could feel that my posture was poor at work. My only regret is not having purchased the chair sooner to prevent these issues from arising in the first place! It is a very comfortable chair and of high quality. Since purchasing the chair I have also fallen pregnant and I think working pregnant would have been even more uncomfortable if I did not have this chair and I have been able to work up until almost full term without any issues. I highly recommend the Salli products and I have also been impressed with the customer service and with how quickly my chair arrived. Thanks Salli Team and David!

Awww thanks for the review and kind words! We have heard from several pregnant ladies that it has really helped them due to the sitting position. Glad you found us - better late than never!
Salli Frankenbomber
Salli saved my career

I have a bad back fracture line l4 l5 cervical spondylitis . I had a lot of trouble as you would assume and looked at my options. Used the bambach chair ,a very well built chair but extremely heavy and cumbersome. I got a salli the very basic version in 2012 and have said goodbye to lower back troubles. This new on I just got has the new wheels i a treat to use. i will be ordering the new wheels for the older chair as well . Highly recommend to anyone working dentist technicians .

Fantastic to hear Gaurav! Thanks for the amazing review. When we tell people Salli can change your life it is stories like yours that confirm it - and makes us feel fantastic about what we do.