What to Expect from Kneeling Chairs vs. Saddle Chairs

To some, a chair is just a chair but to anyone who has to spend more than a few minutes sitting on one every day, a chair is much more than that. Several studies show that sitting on a traditional office chair for as little as one hour a day increases your risk of all cardiovascular disease and prolonged sitting increases heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, depression, soft bones, high blood pressure, muscle degeneration, poor circulation, back pain, and even cancer. Needless to say, it’s time to stand up or get a new office chair, but before you rush out to buy a new ergonomic chair, it’s crucial to understand the differences between kneeling chairs vs. saddle chairs. 

What are Kneeling Chairs?

At first glance, kneeling chairs look like a great alternative to the traditional office chair. They have a unique structure that provides support for your knees that face forward. The seat is slightly sloped to open up the hips and your knees are slightly dropped to allow for the natural S-shape in the spine.

But there are many downsides to using a kneeling chair. Studies show that kneeling chairs can cause spinal shrinkage more than conventional chairs while also adding unnecessary pressure on your spinal discs and knees. So, while the concept was with good intent, kneeling chairs are significantly more visually appealing than they are beneficial for your health. That’s also not to forget mentioning that kneeling for long periods of the day does not sound comfortable by any means. You’d be better off standing at your desk which will provide you with the same benefits as this chair, without the increased pressure on your knees and spinal shrinkage.

What are Saddle Chairs?

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Saddle chairs are a popular ergonomic chair used by many health professionals due to the incredible benefits they provide. You’ve likely even seen your own dentist or doctor using one. Saddle chairs are just as they sound, a unique stool designed with two cushions that allow you saddle the chair as opposed to sittingon it. This design rotates your pelvis forward, which allows your spine to remain in the natural lumbar curve. Experts say that is it virtually impossible to slouch while using a saddle chair and it allows you to burn more calories than if you were to sit on a traditional office chair. As a result, saddle chairs are a healthy, safe ergonomic chair to use that promote optimal health while sitting, or rather, while saddling. 


Similarities Between Kneeling Chairs vs. Saddle Chairs

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There are few similarities between kneeling chairs and saddle chairs. The most important one is that both ergonomic chairs support an open hip alignment, which promotes a healthy spine and sitting posture. The similarities pretty much end there.


Differences Between Kneeling Chairs and Saddle Chairs

The differences between kneeling chairs and saddle chairs are what matters the most. Saddle chairs offer far more freedom for the movement of your legs as the design in kneeling chairs, constrain your legs. Saddle chairs are also easier to use in a workspace. If the saddle chair is set up at the appropriate height, you can essentially still walk around while using it, whereas with a kneeling chair, you’re stuck in one place. Most importantly, saddle chairs do not have a downside to using them. They help you preserve a healthy spine and posture without adding unnecessary pressure on other parts of your body.


Now that you know the incredible benefits of saddle chairs, it’s time to get your own. Browse our collection of beautiful ergonomic saddle chairs that allow you to saddle for superior benefits. With all of the unique saddle chair designs coming out, there are many options – and benefits to explore.   

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