What to consider when buying saddle seat.

What to consider when buying saddle seat.
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We thought we would write this blog post in order to get some further information out there about our experiences since we started selling Salli in Australia in 2011. Some of it may be controversial, but we actually think this information needs to be out there.


Firstly, we can confidently say I think that the Salli models with active sitting (such as the hugely popular Salli Sway and Salli Swayfit) are the best saddle chairs on the market today for several reasons (and not just because we sell them!)

Active sitting.

The value of this simple addition to the saddle chair can not be overestimated. It adds a surprising degree of comfort in addition to keeping blood flowing to the spine, exercising core muscles and preventing stiffness.

The divided saddle design.

This patented design does what it says, removes pressure in this area which is especially important for men. It also helps isolate pressure on the sit bones which reduces pressure on your butt and thighs, reducing the likelihood of numbness and enabling you to sit for longer periods of time.

The divided design also allows for width adjustability which can be found in some models such as the Swayfit and Triplefit.

The front gap

This is possibly the biggest revolution in saddle sitting. We are going to be blunt here, but we have no idea why other saddle seat designs think it's a good idea to crush someones manhood with a pommel or raised section at the front.

We are  unsure of its purpose in a sitting application where you are not hanging on for dear life over rough terrain, maybe we are missing something. And it doesn't just effect men either, however the benefit is of course more enhanced!

The gap also makes it easier and more comfortable to rotate your pelvis forward which is one of the main mechanisms by which good neutral spinal shape is achieved.

We have lost count of the number of times we discuss saddle stools with customers who say their existing saddle seat gives them great pain or gives then groin numbness (which in one case was still evident 3 hours later!). It is a serious issue, and yes, obviously a marketing advantage for the Salli.

Let's not beat around the bush here, pain and numbness is never a good thing! 

Salli gap benefits

Research and Development

Salli have been producing and refining their designs in Finland since 1990. While some other brands do the same R&D, many others do not. The reason you buy a saddle seat is to achieve a physiological benefit.  Just because it has "saddle" in the name and is a bit curvy means nothing - we are looking at you Mr $89 saddle seat promoted to hairdressers and tattoo artists on eBay and Google Shopping!

Cheap saddle chairs are junk. When you buy a junk product you get a junk experience and potentially put you off saddle sitting and saving your back.


We have seen saddle seats promoted as "desk height". We can only assume they mean "standard desk height" which is around 700-750mm. For most people using a saddle seat at a standard desk is a waste of money or a recipe for pain. There is no way you can be saddle sitting correctly and working at a standard height desk without hunching or slouching over unless you are approximately 150cm tall or less.

If you don't raise you desk to elbow height then you are wasting your money - simple.

So there it is. Our rant on the saddle stool market based on our years of experience. 

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