How to sit safely and support productivity

“Dynamic sitting means you can stay active without getting up from your chair.”This important point is very difficult to implement in the standard 90/90 degree pelvic/knee position.

Instead, it is easy to achieve on a swinging two-part saddle chair, the thigh support area of ​​which should be straight so that it won’t disturb the sensitive fluid flow to the lower limbs. The 90/90 position almost inevitably rounds the lower back, causing the back posture to collapse, the muscles and other tissues to tense, the fluid circulation in the lower back and neck-shoulder area to deteriorate, resulting in various musculo-skeletal ailments.

The important elbow support must be provided on the sides of the body to avoid shoulder tension. It can be done by a stomach recess in the table, or by a separate armrest accessory at the edge of the table. When the elbow support is warm and soft, your hands relax, which further reduces the tension in the shoulder area. This makes also airy sleeveless garments comfortable to wear. If sitting is to be harmless, adjusting the height of the table is essential.

The sitting pressure closes the fluid passages over a large area on the buttocks, which also causes numbness and damage to the genitals and inner pelvic organs. The large sitting area also raises temperatures and humidity in the genital area, giving harmful bacteria better reproductive conditions. Loose clothing around the hips and sitting on a two-part and well-designed saddle chair almost completely eliminates these disadvantages as well.

Poor sitting health is such a significant issue with its many potential ailments and declining productivity that it is certainly worth investing in a few hundred euros to get it in a comfortable, safe and highly productive condition.