Current knowledge of sitting health.

Current knowledge of sitting health.

Because of the gap in the middle of the two-part Salli Saddle Chair seat there is no uncomfortable pressure on the genital area, and thus no need to turn the pelvis away from the pressure. That would result in a slouched sitting position where the back is rounded. The healthy posture can now be obtained easily and be maintained during the whole day. The gap enhances both genital and internal pelvic health.

On Salli the position of the legs on the sides of the chair is the same as when standing in a balanced position with the weight evenly on both feet. The spine is in its neutral position, and its natural curves remain. The spine carries the weight of the upper body and muscles can remain relaxed.

Wide joint angles are beneficial to health in many ways

The wide 135 angles in knees and hips, together with bones (not soft tissues) carrying the weight, enable undisturbed lymph flow and circulation. Because of the anatomic design of the Salli Saddle Chair the seat does not press the lymph and blood vessels in the inner thigh either.

There is less pressure on hip and knee joints, which is beneficial to cartilages and ligaments.

Read here about a Canadian-Scottish research project on the thigh-body angle. 

Good posture and movement

In the upright position it is easy be breathe. The relaxed neck muscles do not disturb the blood flow into the brain. Deeper breathing makes the circulation in the head function better, there are fewer headaches, and you feel much more energetic.

The intestine is not pressed the way it is when you sit in a slouched position. In addition, the motion from the swinging seat makes the intestine function faster.

When sitting on Salli Swing models you can exercise during the work day. Even small movements enhance the circulation especially in the muscles in the lower back. This slows down the degeneration of disks and vertebrae. Salli has several chair models and sizes to meet the users’ needs. The Sallis that are made in Finland have 10 year warranty.

Salli Chair Models and Sizes

Benefits of Salli Saddle Chair

Below is a list of studies that were conducted with Salli Saddle Chairs. You can read the studies through the links, but the main conclusions are also mentioned here.

Doctoral thesis about saddle chairs in dentistry: The dental clinical practice – ergonomic analysis of the sitting posture. The impact of the saddle seat, when compared to the conventional one, was significantly more positive regarding ergonomic risk, projection of the lateral center of gravity, daily problems related to the cervical region, and satisfaction. The saddle seat was better evaluated regarding seating satisfaction in all aspects

Biomechanical study of dentists’ posture when using a conventional chair versus a saddle-seat chair. The saddle seat improves the working posture regarding pelvis rotation, arm elevation, and trunk flexion.

Postural Assessment of Students Evaluating the Need of Ergonomic Seat and Magnification in Dentistry. The use of ergonomic saddle stool could support the lumber region and maintain the natural curvature of the lower back, and at the same time magnification could bring the clearer view near to the operator instead of operator hunching over to get the view.

Posture and back health in school environment. During the 24-month follow-up muscular tension reduced among the students using height-adjustable saddle chairs and height and tilt-adjustable tables compared to students using conventional furniture. They also received better grades than the control group.

Sitting pressure in the pelvic area. Sitting on a Salli MultiAdjuster chair with a divided seat, compared with the other two saddle chair models, best enables the pelvis to be declined forwards without subjecting the pubic bones or genitals to pressure. This makes it easy to maintain the natural lordosis of the back and back posture, while sitting in a natural position.

Sitting pressure distribution for different chair types. Of the chairs that were included in the research, the split-seat and height-declination adjustable Salli Twin places seating pressure over the smallest area of the body. Pressure is not aimed over the pectineal line or the genitals, so that blood circulation in tissues and the metabolism in the relevant areas remain active. The seating position is naturally straight and individuals’ legs do not go numb even while they have been seated for longer periods of time.