Our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Salli is a unique chair.

Like going horse riding or cycling for the first time (or after a long break), or doing a new exercise, there is an adjustment period before you can ride for a long time or do lots of reps - the Salli chair is similar.

Due to this new way of sitting you will use different muscles and feel pressure in different places compared to when sitting on a regular chair. You will notice that when you first sit on a Salli it is surprisingly comfortable, but then you may start to “feel” the chair after a period of time. This does not mean that the Salli is "uncomfortable", but merely that your body is not conditioned for extended use yet.

This is where our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee fits in.

As you need to use the chair over a period of time to get adjusted to it, our guarantee is designed to help you through this process if required (most people just love their Salli right away, but we acknowledge that sometimes you may need some help and we encourage you not to give up!) The results will be worth it and your back will thank you!! So how does this guarantee work?

  • It is really important you follow the literature provided with your Salli. It gives advice on how to adjust to using your Salli, and how to use it properly. It comes from decades of experience - FOLLOW IT!
  • If you are still having difficulty you need to contact us within 30 days with what you are experiencing so we can assist you with the process. Most times a small adjustment to the Salli or your workstation setup will solve the issue.
  • If you have contacted us we will continue to work with you for up to 90 days to give you plenty of time to adjust and get things right.
  • If the Salli just isn’t working for you despite our best efforts (and you acting on our advice) then you can return the Salli to us within 60-90 days for a  refund.


  • IMPORTANT! You must contact us within 30 days of receipt of the item with any concerns you may have. If you do not contact us within this period this 90 day guarantee is void and will not apply.
  • You must make all reasonable attempts to follow our advice. Change of mind is not a valid reason for return (as per Australian Consumer Law).
  • All items must be returned in original packaging. If not you risk damage to the returned item and you will be charged for any repair costs, or loss of value of the item.
  • Returned Items must be in saleable, as new condition. Some wear and tear on the components (castors, base, gas spring) is acceptable. Damage to upholstery such as cuts, tears, excessive scuffing, chemical damage, will result in a $200 charge for new covers and labour to replace them. It is your responsibility to make sure the item is securely packaged for return (we will assist with video instruction, tools etc where required).
  • Return shipping will be the responsibility of the customer. If you would like Salli Australia to arrange collection please contact us for a quote. The cost will be deducted from your refund.
  • A 10% restocking fee will apply. This covers our cost to inspect the returned item, replace used packaging, and make it good for resale. It also helps us keep prices down by not penalising those who do not return used items - we think that is fair. We offer some of the best pricing on Salli chairs in the world.
  • This guarantee only applies to items purchased direct from Salli Australia, contact your local dealer for their individual policies.
  • This guarantee does not exclude your rights under Australian Consumer Law.